Envision Franklin

22 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Vision & Guiding Principles A. New development and redevelopment should contribute to a convenient and functional multi-modal transportation system by providing accessible street and pedestrian connections on all sides, integrating bicycle or multi-use paths, and incorporating transit provisions. B. When a new development is proposed adjacent to an existing street stub, the new development must connect to it to improve the overall street network connectivity. C. Key destinations, such as shopping areas, employment centers, and schools, should be located and planned in such a way that walking, bicycling, and riding public transit to these destinations are viable options. D. Greenway corridors and interconnected open-space networks, especially along the Harpeth River, should be expanded and enhanced as vital community amenities. Sidewalks and multi-use paths connecting neighborhoods, open spaces, parks, and greenways are encouraged to provide access to passive and active recreation and to support healthy and active lifestyles. E. Key routes into Franklin should use public improvements, such as signage, lighting, and decorative structures and landscapes, to create gateway entrances into the City to showcase community character and quality design. F. The character of new streets and their associated elements should reflect the desired character and design of the development and contribute to its sense of place. CONNECTED COMMUNITY FRANKLIN VALUES A WELL-DESIGNED, EFFECTIVE, CONVENIENT, AND ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION NETWORK THAT CONNECTS RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOODS, PARKS, SCHOOLS, EMPLOYMENT CENTERS, SHOPPING AREA, AND DOWNTOWN. THIS WILL BE ACHIEVED THROUGH A COMPLETE SYSTEM OF STREETS, BICYCLE AND PEDESTRIAN ROUTES, AND TRANSIT, NOT ONLY WITHIN THE CITY, BUT ALSO TO THE GREATER METROPOLITAN REGION.