Envision Franklin

32 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Design Concepts The Conservation design concept contemplates as little development as possible in order to protect sensitive land and environmental features. These Conservation areas include cemeteries, floodplains, hillsides with steep slopes, hilltops, and some existing public-park properties. Conservation of floodplains, hillsides, and hilltops has an inherent long-term value. The preservation of floodplains has a direct public-safety purpose and helps to minimize property damage during periods of flooding. Disruption in any Conservation area should be limited to preserve the function, form, and character of the area. Because the Conservation design concept follows environmental features, the boundaries do not always align with parcel lines. Therefore, some properties may have the Conservation design concept and another design concept. It is intended that the majority of new development occur in the area where the second design concept applies. New development should be designed around conservation areas to highlight them as community amenities with pedestrian and bike systems that will connect the entire conservation design concept throughout the city. Pedestrian connections and trails are highly encouraged along the river, along stream corridors, and through scenic areas. Expanded connections to downtown and historic parks from surrounding residential areas are desired. CONSERVATION “CONSERVATION OF FLOODPLAINS, HILLSIDES, AND HILLTOPS HAS AN INHERENT LONGTERM VALUE.”