Envision Franklin

Design Concepts | ENVISION FRANKLIN 33 USES Primary Recreation Secondary N/A FORM Building Placement Development is limited to non-intrusive enhancements designed to provide public access. These are limited to access drives, parking areas, parks, shelters, trails or related uses upon a determination that the environmental integrity of the area can be protected. Building Character N/A Building Height N/A SITE DESIGN Landscape Preservation of existing features, including hilltops, hillsides, steep slopes, stream banks, riparian corridors, tree rows, forested areas, and specimen trees. Amenities Canoe launches, trails, shelters, etc. The Harpeth River is intended to have a public edge that is physically and visually accessible to the public through a greenway network that extends north to south along the river. The purpose is to provide environmental educational opportunities, points for passive recreation, small informal gatherings and scenic vistas. Selective clearing may be allowed to provide for these amenities. Access Internal streets should be designed and limited to minimize the impact on existing environmental features. Parking Parking may be provided, with limited impact to the conservation areas. TRANSPORTATION Vehicular New streets should be limited to essential connections and should be designed per the Corridor Character Matrix and Connect Franklin. Bicycle and Pedestrian A coordinated pedestrian system should be provided that will connect the entire conservation design concept throughout the city. New development should provide pedestrian connections and trails throughout its conservation areas. These trails should provide connections to other conservation areas and trails, adjacent uses/properties, and streets. Bicycle, multi-use path, and pedestrian connections should be designed and provided per the Corridor Character Matrix, Connect Franklin, the Parks Master Plan, and this Plan. Transit N/A CONSERVATION