Envision Franklin

40 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Design Concepts The Development Reserve includes areas along the fringes of the Franklin UGB and is characterized by agricultural uses and single-family residential uses on significant acreage. Public sewer access is unavailable in these areas. Rural road widths are not capable of handling high traffic volumes. New growth should only be encouraged in areas where adequate public water, sewer, and streets are available or are planned. A suitability analysis was performed to help determine where development reserve areas are located. These areas should be subject to further planning in coordination with planned infrastructure improvements and public-service delivery. Until adequate infrastructure is available, the land-use recommendation is singlefamily residential on lots of two acres or more. New buildings should be designed around natural features to protect forested areas, hillsides and hilltops, streams, and tree rows. Historic site features such as cemeteries, barns, accessory structures, and agriculturally related features should be preserved in their locations and context with careful site design around them to preserve the character of Franklin. DEVELOPMENT RESERVE “NEW BUILDINGS SHOULD BE DESIGNED AROUND NATURAL FEATURES TO PROTECT FORESTED AREA, HILLSIDES AND HILLTOPS, STREAMS, AND TREE ROWS.”