Envision Franklin

Design Concepts | ENVISION FRANKLIN 41 FIFTH AVENUE NORTH “THE INTENT IS TO IMPROVE UPON THE AREA AND TO TRANSFORM THE CHARACTER OF THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT IN ORDER TO PROMOTE A VIBRANT DOWNTOWN CORE.” The Fifth Avenue North design concept represents an important commercial corridor leading into the historic downtown, through the Harpeth River and Sharps Branch floodplain. The intent is to improve upon the area and to transform the character of the built environment in order to extend the vibrant downtown core. While the City generally requires locating new development outside of floodplain limits, redevelopment of this portion of the corridor (developed prior to Federal or local floodplain regulations) is appropriate to support the historic resources and viability of the downtown area. Land aggregation and redevelopment of properties of a half-block size or greater is highly encouraged in order to achieve cohesive design and landuse efficiency. FIFTH AVENUE NORTH - CONCEPTUAL EXAMPLE FIFTH AVENUE NORTH - EXISTING PHOTO DESIGN CREDIT: BEN JOHNSON