Envision Franklin

42 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Design Concepts USES Primary Institutional, Local Commercial, and Professional and Transitional Office Secondary Parking and Recreation FORM Building Placement Along Fifth Avenue North, buildings should have shallow front-yard setbacks and may have zero side-yard setbacks. Along Fourth Avenue North, building setbacks should be consistent with adjacent residential buildings so as to maintain the residential character of the block. Building Character Along Fifth Avenue North, flat roofs with parapet walls are appropriate with the intent to deemphasize the overall building height. A corner architectural treatment should be designed for buildings at the intersection of Bridge Street and New Highway 96 West. Architectural features, such as an arcade, are appropriate to span mid-block driveway entrances. Along Fourth Avenue North, redevelopment should consist of a series of smaller buildings with traditional residential character so as to continue the established rhythm and scale of the street. The design of buildings adjacent to the National Register historic cemeteries should be contextually sensitive. Building Height The maximum building height should be two stories above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE.) The first usable floor must be located above the BFE in accordance with floodplain protection standards. Along the northern half of the Fifth Avenue North block, the second floor should be stepped back 20 feet from the front facade so as to reduce the overall appearance of height in relation to the National Register cemeteries. SITE DESIGN Landscape Passive open space should be provided along Sharps Branch, associated with stream restoration and enhancement, while maintaining 100-year floodplain storage capacity. Additional capacity can be provided through stream restoration as a series of meanders and wetland overflow areas, which may help to reduce the horizontal distance of the BFE. Sites nearby may provide additional opportunities to pick up capacity if integrated into the design. Amenities Due to the proximity of Bicentennial Park, formal open spaces will be limited to small greens or outdoor plaza spaces, highly accessible and visible and in a prominent location that encourages continued active use. Access The number of driveway cuts onto Fifth Avenue North should be limited to one mid-block driveway with shared internal access across the block. Parking Parking should be located to the rear of buildings and screened from view. Shared-parking site design and shared-parking agreements are encouraged. On-street parking is encouraged along Fourth Avenue North. Along the northern half of Fifth Avenue North, structured parking may be located under the buildings, and below the BFE, due to the depth of the floodplain. Structured parking should appear to be part of the building facade by using architectural features and landscaping. An internal vestibule is appropriate for the staircase/elevator to connect the parking with the functional stories above the BFE. FIFTH AVENUE NORTH