Envision Franklin

44 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Design Concepts The Historic Residential design concept includes established, single-family neighborhoods in and around Downtown Franklin. Many of these are historically significant, including the Adams Street, Boyd Mill, Everbright, Franklin Road, Hincheyville, and Lewisburg Avenue Local Historic Districts. Neighborhoods in this design concept are generally over 50 years old and include properties both inside and outside of the Historic Preservation Overlay (HPO). Their development patterns are important to the downtown character and should be protected from commercial and office-use encroachment. Secondary institutional and recreational uses may be appropriate in limited locations. Infill developments should maintain the established, traditional residential character and reflect the scale of the surrounding neighborhood. Context sensitivity is a key component, including compatible building form, lot widths, and setbacks. A gridded street network, sidewalks, and street trees should be used to support connectivity and the pedestrian-scale environment. In some neighborhoods, teardowns are occurring. Historic buildings that contribute to the street are encouraged to be rehabilitated. When teardowns do occur, new buildings should relate to and strengthen the core characteristics of the neighborhood while mitigating adverse impacts on adjacent properties through thoughtful site design. HISTORIC RESIDENTIAL “...DEVELOPMENT PATTERNS ARE IMPORTANT TO THE DOWNTOWN CHARACTER AND SHOULD BE PROTECTED...”