Envision Franklin

Design Concepts | ENVISION FRANKLIN 51 USES Primary Single-Family Residential Secondary Institutional and Recreation FORM Building Placement The Development Suitability Map (See Appendix C) should be reviewed to ensure that developments in these areas are appropriate. Buildings and their main entrances should be oriented toward the street and should generally have deep front-, side-, and rear-yard setbacks. Double frontage, reverse frontage, and flag lots are discouraged. Building Character New buildings along established streets should be designed to be compatible with the established character along the street and should be sensitive to nearby buildings. Front-loaded garages should be detached or recessed. Building Height Maximum of two and one-half stories Lot Size Minimum of one acre SITE DESIGN Landscape Existing natural features, such as hillsides, hilltops, and tree rows, enhance the area and should be preserved. Historic site features such as cemeteries, barns, accessory structures, and agriculturally related features should be preserved in their locations and context with careful site design around them to preserve the character of Franklin. Common design elements, such as fieldstone walls and wood plank fencing, should be preserved and used along major thoroughfares to reflect Franklin’s community identity. Amenities Amenities should include subdivision entrance features and signage. Outside of floodplain and hill open space requirements, additional open space should not be required with new development due to large lot sizes that provide private open space. Access Individual lots should be accessed by driveways from the street. Streets should have multiple connections in order to provide for a variety of routes. If there are existing street connections or stubouts adjacent to proposed developments, then those in the proposed developments should connect to the existing street network. If there are no existing street or stubout connections, then other locations should be identified in order to increase connectivity between developments. Parking Off-street LARGE-LOT RESIDENTIAL