Envision Franklin

54 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Design Concepts MAIN STREET “MAIN STREET IS CHARACTERIZED BY ITS PEDESTRIAN SCALE WITH HUMAN-SCALED ARCHITECTURE, ACTIVE GROUNDFLOOR USES, CONTINUOUS SIDEWALKS, AND PEDESTRIAN AMENITIES.” The Main Street design concept encompasses the historic heart of Downtown Franklin, which has unique qualities that capitalize on the history of the area and the diversity of land uses. It encompasses the blocks surrounding the historic square on Main Street, extending from the Harpeth River to beyond Five Points. The small-town identity of the area should be preserved by a combination of continual historic preservation efforts and context-responsive infill development. Commercial and mixed uses should be concentrated in this area in order to promote a vibrant downtown core, while protecting the residential character of the surrounding area. Significant civic institutions, such as City Hall, should continue to be located here. Main Street is characterized by its pedestrian scale with human-scaled architecture, active ground-floor uses, continuous sidewalks, and pedestrian amenities.