Envision Franklin

Design Concepts | ENVISION FRANKLIN 53 SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS Lewisburg Pike, between Mack Hatcher Parkway and Carriage Park Development fronting on Lewisburg Pike should be on lot sizes comparable to those that currently exist along the pike. This scenic corridor should have informal landscape design and rural features, such as stone walls, wood plank fencing, and informal tree plantings, to sustain the scenic and rural quality of the area. Inside Mack Hatcher Parkway Front-yard setbacks of new buildings should be consistent with the established front-yard setbacks of existing buildings along the street. Side-yard setbacks of new buildings should be consistent with other buildings along the street such that the established rhythm is not disrupted. Rear-yard setbacks of new buildings should be designed to maintain privacy for both new and existing neighboring properties. Institutional Uses Institutional uses may be appropriate if their locations do not negatively impact access, scale, and traffic of the surrounding area. These uses should be located at major intersections of arterial and collector streets or designed within master-planned developments so that increased traffic is handled internally. Additional stories may be appropriate for institutional uses. The conversion of dwellings in existing residential areas for institutional uses is not appropriate. LARGE-LOT RESIDENTIAL