Envision Franklin

Design Concepts | ENVISION FRANKLIN 79 SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS (CONT.) First Avenue, East Main Street, Bridge Street Area along the Harpeth River This area contains a significant amount of Harpeth River 100-year floodplain. The City generally requires locating new development outside of floodplain limits. Floodplain alteration can remove land from the floodplain to create buildable area, but doing so can result in unnatural landscape and removal of existing vegetation. In this historic downtown location, the City should allow additional use and development along the existing street network without compensatory cut-and-fill. Beyond that, the natural floodplain contours and native vegetation should be preserved to define an on-site edge of the downtown core. See Figure 4.4 for appropriate development limits. Redevelopment along existing streets provides flexibility to properties that originally developed prior to Federal and local floodplain regulations. For public safety purposes, uses within the 100-year floodplain should be limited to nonresidential uses that avoid potential for overnight stay. Additionally, all construction is expected to be raised above the Base Flood Elevation in accordance with City standards. This area has infill potential that can complete the block face on the east side of First Avenue South and the east side of East Main Street. Site design considerations should adhere to the following: • Buildings should face both the street and the River with pedestrian gathering spaces on the path side. • The historic buildings on the west side of First Avenue South should be preserved. New buildings fronting the east side of First Avenue South, between Church Street and South Margin Street, should maintain the established single-family building character and rhythm of the opposing historic block face. Height should be sensitive to these historic buildings; therefore, a mix of predominantly one and one-half story and scattered two-story buildings is appropriate with approximately 15-foot front-yard setbacks. New buildings internal to the site may be up to three stories with transitional features. • New buildings up to three stories are appropriate north of Church Street and along East Main Street. NEIGHBORHOOD MIXED-USE