Envision Franklin

Design Concepts | ENVISION FRANKLIN 91 REGIONAL COMMERCE “NEW DEVELOPMENTS SHOULD HAVE INTEGRATED DESIGNS WITH COORDINATED ACCESS, AMENITIES, AND COHESIVE ARCHITECTURE THAT FITS WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE CORRIDOR. The Regional Commerce design concept contains high-intensity activity centers that attract large numbers of people and employers from both within and outside the City. These areas include major employment and revenue generators that are valuable community resources. Interchange locations are limited in number and should be efficiently planned to capitalize on economic development and revenue-producing potential. Infill buildings and parking structures are encouraged to replace existing surface parking lots. Sufficient transportation and transit infrastructure is needed to accommodate the increasing travel demands created by these land uses. Regional Commerce should transition in intensity and scale across this design concept. Higher-intensity uses should be located closer to the I-65 interchanges and major thoroughfares, with less-intensive uses transitioning to established residential areas. Regional Commerce areas have a high level of visibility along I-65 and primary arterial streets and are important gateways into Franklin. New developments should have integrated designs with coordinated access, amenities, and cohesive architecture that fits within the context of the corridor.