Franklin Zoning Ordinance

103 USE REGULATIONS Accessory Uses and Structures 05 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 floor area; 4. Provide at least one parking space for each bedroom, in addition to the required parking for the principal use; and 5. Be occupied only by the owner, operator, caretaker, or an employee of the principal building, plus that person’s immediate family. Q. Short Term Vacation Rentals See Paragraph 5.1.4.R, Short Term Vacation Rentals. R. Stand-Alone Drive-Through Uses or Automatic Teller Machines or Kiosks Stand-alone drive-through uses or automatic teller machines or kiosks shall: 1. Be a permanent structure with a fixed foundation; 2. Be limited in size to 30 percent of the gross floor area of the principal building or 600 square feet, whichever is less; 3. Use the same exterior materials, colors, and architectural style as the principal building; 4. Have adequate vehicle stacking spaces; 5. Be oriented so that vehicle stacking does not queue within public rightof-way or interfere with other on-site vehicular circulation; 6. Not be located in private streets, internal drives, landscaping areas, required yards, or setbacks; and 7. Not use freestanding signs. S. Storage/Parking of Commercial Vehicles or Trailers Storage/parking of commercial vehicles or trailers shall comply with the Municipal Code. T. Storage/Parking of Recreational Equipment 1. Storage/parking of recreational equipment in the RC6 and RC12 districts shall be limited to approved self storage facilities and shall comply with Subsection 13.3.6, Outdoor Storage Areas. 2. Storage/parking of recreational equipment in the AG, ER, R1, and R2 districts shall: a. Be limited to storage/parking at least ten feet behind the front facade of the principal building and at least ten feet from any lot line and screened by an opaque fence, wall, or landscaping with a height of at least six feet; and b. Be located on an approved parking pad limited to the locations described above. U. Telecommunication Towers and Antenna See Paragraph 5.1.4.T, Telecommunication Towers and Antenna.