Franklin Zoning Ordinance

05 104 Chapter Temporary Uses and Structures USE REGULATIONS Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 5.3 Temporary Uses and Structures 5.3.1 General Provisions A. Temporary uses and structures allow for the short-term activities, many of which would not be allowed on a permanent basis. B. Permitted temporary uses and structures are listed in the table in Subsection 5.3.4, Permitted Temporary Uses and Structures by Zoning District. C. Temporary uses and structures are subject to additional requirements, as described in Subsection 5.3.5, Temporary Use and Structure Regulations. D. Unless expressly stated otherwise, temporary uses and structures shall be subject to approval by the Department of Building and Neighborhood Services. 5.3.2 Temporary Uses and Structures Temporary uses and structures shall: A. Not have substantial adverse effects or noise impacts on nearby residential neighborhoods; B. Contain sufficient land area to handle the temporary use or structure without disturbing environmentally sensitive lands; and C. Accommodate the parking and traffic movement associated with the temporary use. 5.3.3 Temporary Uses and Structures Table Key A half-black circle indicates additional requirements associated with the permitted accessory use or uses within a district. The use and structure are also subject to all other applicable requirements of this Ordinance. 5.3.4 Permitted Temporary Uses and Structures by Zoning District Temporary Use or Structure Permitted Districts Permitted with Additional Use Regulations per Subsection 5.35 Carnival RC6 RC12 Construction Dumpster All Construction Trailer All Event Tent All Garage/Yard Sale All Mobile Food Vendor All Residential Development Sales Office/Model Home All Seasonal Agricultural Sales All Temporary Field Office All Temporary Housing All Temporary Holiday Storage in a Shipping Container All Temporary Storage in a Shipping Container All Temporary Place of Business All Temporary Structures for Institutional Uses All