Franklin Zoning Ordinance

105 USE REGULATIONS Temporary Uses and Structures 05 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 5.3.5 Temporary Use and Structure Regulations In addition to the standards in Subsection 5.3.2, Temporary Uses and Structures, the following regulations shall apply to each temporary use or structure. A. Construction Dumpster Temporary construction dumpsters or other trash receptacles are used to hold waste from construction projects may be permitted: 1. Within a public right-of-way or other City-owned property, subject to the Municipal Code; or 2. On a lot or construction site, where the dumpster or trash receptacle shall: a. Be located to the side or the rear of the site, to the maximum extent practicable; b. Be located as far as possible from lots containing existing development; c. Not be located within a floodplain or otherwise obstruct drainage flow; d. Not be placed within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or within a required landscape area; e. Be located outside of tree protection fencing and the dripline of existing trees; and f. Be allowed to remain on the site until issuance of a certificate of occupancy. B. Construction Trailer Construction trailers are mobile structures used to accommodate temporary offices, dining facilities, and storage of building materials during construction projects, and may be permitted, provided that the trailer shall: 1. Be located on the same site or in the same development as the related construction; 2. Not be located within a required open space set-aside or landscape area; 3. Be associated with development for which a valid building permit has been or will be issued; and 4. Be allowed to remain on the site until the issuance of a certificate of occupancy. C. Carnival Carnivals shall comply with the following: 1. The period of operation shall not exceed seven consecutive days, and no more than six events per year on the same property. There shall be a minimum of 14 consecutive days between events. Events exceeding these limitations shall be considered the commercial recreation use type as a principal use. 2. Adequate parking spaces must be provided for the intended maximum occupancy. D. Event Tent 1. Event or party tents and membrane structures larger than 400 square feet shall: a. Be subject to issuance of a permit from the Fire Department; b. Be limited to a maximum of 45 days per occurrence and a maximum of three occurrences per year; c. Not exceed more than two tents on a single lot that is less than 12 acres in size (the Department of Building and Neighborhood Services may approve more than two tents as a part of a special event on a single