Franklin Zoning Ordinance

175 PARKING AND TRANSIT Parking 10 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 Use Minimum Vehicle Parking Spaces Reduced Minimum Vehicle Parking Spaces in CFO, CAO1, CAO2, and CAO3 Notes: 1. Uses that reference this note have widely varying parking and loading demand characteristics, making it difficult to establish a uniform standard. See Clause 10.1.5.C in Calculation of Minimum Parking. 2. Square feet refers to the gross floor area of the building. 3. Seats refers to the occupant load for the area used as seating. 4. Maximum occupant load is determined by the International Building Code. 5. The total number of required spaces is cumulative based on the variety of different functions present in a single use. 6. Minimum number of stacking spaces unless otherwise demonstrated using peak stacking lengths for comparable businesses and locations.