Franklin Zoning Ordinance

187 OPEN SPACE General Provisions 11 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 11.1.4 Calculation of Minimum Open Space A. Open space types and set asides shall be as required pursuant to Subsection 11.1.5, Minimum Open Space. B. The minimum open space set aside percentage shall be based on the acreage of the entire development site. C. The open space set aside shall not be required when the minimum open space set aside for: 1. Residential development yields less than 5,000 square feet; or 2. Nonresidential or mixed-use development yields less than 2,500 square feet. D. The acreage for individual single-family residential lots that are 30,000 square feet or larger may be excluded from the five percent open space set aside calculation. E. Parking areas, driveways, buildings, required sidewalks along streets, public right-of-way, and individual private yards shall not be counted as open space. 11.1.5 Minimum Open Space Zoning District Minimum Open Space Set Aside Required Open Space Type All Districts 5% Any combination as permitted by district, except natural area ER, R1, R2, R3, and PD with residential uses only Additional 10% Natural Area 11.1 General Provisions 11.1.1 Applicability This Chapter shall apply to: A. Residential development that exceeds 25 dwelling units or exceeds 15 acres. B. Nonresidential or mixed-use development with: 1. Two or more buildings; 2. Two or more nonresidential tenants; 3. A gross building area exceeding 10,000 square feet; or 4. A site or lot exceeding three acres. 11.1.2 Review for Compliance Review for compliance shall occur with the submittal of a development plan, site plan, or preliminary plat. 11.1.3 Open Space Placement A. Open space shall be located so as to be readily accessible and useable open space for all residents and users of the development. B. Open spaces shall be placed within a residential or mixed-use development so that every house, duplex, townhouse, multiplex, and multifamily building has an open space within a walking distance of 1,320 feet (five-minute walk), as measured from the perimeter of each open space. Houses on individual lots of at least 30,000 square feet are exempt from this requirement. C. Open spaces shall be placed within the development to connect to other open spaces through an internal pedestrian circulation system per Section 9.6, Pedestrian Circulation. D. The placement of open space shall not result in a view of any rear facade from a street.