Franklin Zoning Ordinance

11 188 Chapter Overview of Open Space Types OPEN SPACE Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 11.2 Overview of Open Space Types The following open space types are permitted in the districts indicated. Each open space shall comply with all standards and tables of the corresponding open space type. Open Space Description Illustration Districts Where Permitted Natural Area: An open space that is maintained, but left in a natural state. Natural areas may contain hillsides, hillcrests, slopes exceeding 14 percent, floodplain, streams, ponds, agricultural lands, forest, fields, meadows, tree save areas, scenic corridors and viewsheds, wildlife habitat, or vegetated stormwater management features. These areas may also contain historic or culturally significant areas, such as cemeteries, battlefields, or other archaeologically significant resources All Districts Greenway: Linear open space typically following the trajectories of natural corridors. Greenways are required to include multi-use paths along the length of the greenway All Districts Neighborhood Amenities: Outdoor recreation areas, such as pools, sports fields, sports courts, playgrounds, and dog parks typically for use by residents of the development ER R1 R2 R3 R4 R6 MR PD CI CC RC6 RC12 Pocket Park: Small-scale, active or passive park within walking distance of residential uses that contain designed and regularly maintained open areas that typically include arranged plantings, playgrounds, gardens, dog parks, gazebos or similar structures, fountains, sculptures, and other forms of public art All Districts