Franklin Zoning Ordinance

11 196 Chapter Outdoor Dining Area OPEN SPACE Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 11.9 Outdoor Dining Area Description Outdoor dining areas that count toward the open space set aside are associated with restaurants within nonresidential or mixeduse development. These may be patios, terraces, upper story decks, or rooftop dining areas. These areas are open to the general public only as part of a business. Standards Permitted Districts PD NC CI CC DD 1ST 5TH RC6 RC12 LI Arrangement Typically located next to the building, but may be placed within required setbacks Landscape A wall or raised planters Where on-site parking is adjacent to an outdoor dining area, a planting strip shall be provided along the perimeter, in addition to a wall or raised planters Standards (Continued) Features The following features are required: A. Dining tables and chairs of at least two rows deep B. Ground-oriented, pedestrian-scale lighting C. Raised planters, planting strip, or similar vegetation Stormwater Stormwater management features shall not be counted as open space