Franklin Zoning Ordinance

197 OPEN SPACE Plaza 11 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 11.10 Plaza Description Plazas are formal gathering places typically adjacent to nonresidential and mixed-use buildings. These areas contain a greater amount of hardscape than other open space types and typically contain special features, such as public art or fountains. Standards Permitted Districts PD NC CI CC DD 1ST 5TH RC6 RC12 GO LI HI Dimensions Minimum size of 2,500 square feet Arrangement Shall be generally level, stepped, or gently sloping with a three percent grade or less Adjacent buildings shall have a main entrance face the plaza Landscape Minimum one large canopy tree and two understory trees per each 2,500 square feet and landscaped in a formal arrangement Standards (Continued) Hardscape Shall cover between 50 percent and 80 percent of the plaza and be concrete, brick, pavers, crushed stone, or other comparable material Features Four of the following features are required: A. Seating elements B. Specialized or decorative hardscape C. Pedestrian-scale lighting beyond that required to illuminate public right-ofway D. Arcades, canopies, awnings, or overhangs to shield pedestrians E. Furnishings, such as planters, waste receptacles, bicycle racks, drinking fountains, or transit shelters F. Fountains, sculptures, or art Stormwater Stormwater management features shall not be counted as open space