Franklin Zoning Ordinance

03 34 Chapter MR—Mixed Residential District ZONING DISTRICTS Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 3.9 MR—Mixed Residential District 3.9.1 Purpose The MR district is intended to provide for a variety of residential building types while protecting environmentally sensitive areas, preserving open spaces through compact development patterns, and providing standards to help ensure the compatibility of new development with surrounding neighborhoods. 3.9.2 Use Regulations A. Principal uses shall comply with Section 5.1, Principal Uses. B. Accessory uses and structures shall comply with Section 5.2, Accessory Uses and Structures. C. Temporary uses and structures shall comply with Section 5.3, Temporary Uses and Structures. 3.9.3 Building Types The following principal building types are permitted: A. House B. Duplex C. Multiplex D. Townhouse 3.9.4 Frontage Types The following frontage types are permitted: A. Yard Frontage B. Urban Frontage 3.9.5 Diversity in Housing A. In new developments, the first building next to a lot for an existing house must be a house or a duplex. This does not apply when the houses are part of the same development. B. Proposed development may be all houses, all duplexes, or a mix of both. C. If a proposed development includes townhouses or multiplex dwelling units, the townhouse and multiplex dwelling units shall not exceed 50 percent of the total dwelling unit count of a development. The remaining 50 percent shall be a balanced mix of duplexes and houses.