Franklin Zoning Ordinance

35 ZONING DISTRICTS MR—Mixed Residential District 03 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 3.9.6 Dimensional Standards for Houses and Multiplexes The following dimensional standards for houses and multiplexes are required: Lot Standards for Alley-Loaded Lots Minimum Lot Size 4,000 square feet Lot Width 40 feet Front Lot Line 35 feet Lot Standards for Frontage-Facing Garage in the Rear Yard Minimum Lot Size 5,500 square feet Lot Width 50 feet Front Lot Line 40 feet Lot Standards for Frontage-Facing Garage Not in the Rear Yard Minimum Lot Size 7,150 square feet Lot Width 65 feet Front Lot Line 55 feet Number of Buildings Maximum Principal Building 1 per lot Accessory Structure 1 per lot Minor Accessory Structure 1 per lot Principal Building Setbacks Minimum Front Yard 10 feet Side Yard 5 feet Rear Yard 15 feet Rear Yard Abutt ng an Alley See building type for garage setbacks Appurtenance Encroachments into Setbacks Front Yard 6 feet max Side Yard Not Permitted Rear Yard 6 feet max, but no closer than 10 feet from lot line Steps may encroach up to the front lot line, but no closer than 5 feet from a side or rear lot line Accessory Structure Setbacks Location At least 5 feet behind the principal building At least 5 feet from any lot line Building Height Maximum Principal Building 2.5 stories Accessory Structure 1.5 stories, but shall not exceed the height of the principal building Minor Accessory Structure 1 Story Landscape Minimum Landscape Surface Area 30% Alternate Standards For lots in recorded subdivisions, if there are different dimensional standards on the final plat, then those standards on the final plat shall govern