Franklin Zoning Ordinance

73 OVERLAY ZONING DISTRICTS CAO—Columbia Avenue Overlay District 04 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 4.7 CAO—Columbia Avenue Overlay District 4.7.1 Purpose The CAO district is intended to: A. Enhance the character and function of the Columbia Avenue gateway into Franklin; B. Ensure the compatibility of new buildings with respect to the specific character of their immediate context; and C. Enhance the quality of development surrounding historic and cultural resources. 4.7.2 Applicability If the Historic District Design Guidelines and this Section conflict as they relate to any property within the CAO, the Historic District Design Guidelines shall take precedence. 4.7.3 District Boundaries The CAO generally contains properties fronting along the Columbia Avenue/Pike corridor. The CAO is divided into five sub-overlay districts as shown on the zoning map. 4.7.4 CAO1—Urban Commercial Development Sub-District Properties within the CAO1 shall comply with the requirements of this Subsection. A. Sub-District Boundaries The CAO1 includes properties along Columbia Avenue between Five Points and Fowlkes Street. This sub-district is characterized by: 1. A mix of one and two-story commercial buildings built over time; 2. Two historic residential buildings; and 3. Shallow front building setbacks with some variation. B. Dimensional Standards The following dimensional standards are required: Building Setbacks Front Yard 5 feet minimum 10 feet maximum As measured from the back of the sidewalk Front Yard for Civic Building 5 feet minimum 40 feet maximum As measured from the back of the sidewalk Building Height Building Height 2 stories for buildings with frontage along Columbia Avenue or Fowlkes Street 3 stories for buildings that do not have frontage on the streets listed above C. Building Type Standards 1. The following building types are the only permitted building types: a. Commercial/Mixed-Use Building b. House 2. For commercial/mixed use buildings of two or more stories with a facade width greater than 100 feet, the facade shall be differentiated so that it appears to be comprised of two or more adjacent buildings, by dividing into 35-100 foot segments. Each facade segment shall include a separate main entrance and differ from each of the other segments with respect to all of the following: a. A change in shape, sill and header height, detail, size, spacing, rhythm, and muntin pattern of windows; b. A change of building or cornice height; c. A change in cornice details;