Franklin Zoning Ordinance

04 74 Chapter CAO—Columbia Avenue Overlay District OVERLAY ZONING DISTRICTS Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 d. A change of wall material or wall color; e. A change in trim courses and other horizontal elements; f. A change in dormer or balcony design, if any; and g. Providing or changing pilasters, columns, or other facade elements. 3. Brick or natural stone shall comprise a minimum of 75 percent of the primary materials of a facade. For accent purposes, natural stone and cementbased stucco shall be permitted. D. Frontage Types The urban frontage is the only permitted frontage type. E. Signs Internally illuminated signs attached to the building shall be permitted only on front facades facing Columbia Avenue. F. Parking 1. Certain uses in CAO1 may have reduced parking requirements, pursuant to Subsection 10.1.6, Minimum Parking. 2. Where surface parking serving a nonresidential use is adjacent to or across the street from a residential use, a six-foot brick or stone wall shall be installed to screen the parking area. 4.7.5 CAO2—Historic Residential Development Sub-District Properties within the CAO2 shall comply with the requirements of this Subsection. A. Sub-District Boundaries The CAO2 includes properties located along Columbia Avenue between Fowlkes and Fairground Streets. This sub-district is characterized by: 1. Predominantly one- and two-story houses built prior to WWII, including the historic Carter House and the Lotz House; and 2. Scattered one-story commercial buildings and reclaimed battlefield open space. B. Dimensional Standards The following dimensional standards are required: Building Setbacks (Minimum) Front Yard for East Side of Columbia Avenue 40 feet As measured from the rightof-way Front Yard for West Side of Columbia Avenue 30 feet from the right-ofway, but no closer than the front setback of the closest existing principal building on the same block face Building Height (Maximum) Building Height 2 stories, with a maximum height of 35 feet to the top of pitched roof Facade Width (Maximum) Front Facade Width 45 Feet