Franklin Zoning Ordinance

05 88 Chapter Principal Uses USE REGULATIONS Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 N. Multifamily Residential 1. In the CC and DD districts, where buildings containing multifamily residential are along a street frontage, they must have ground-floor commercial uses along the street frontage. 2. In the RC6 and RC12 districts, multifamily residential is permitted only if: a. It does not occupy more than 40 percent of the overall building square footage of the proposed development; b. It is integrated horizontally and/or vertically with the nonresidential uses in the proposed walkable development; and c. Stand-alone multifamily residential cannot be separated from the nonresidential uses by an arterial or collector street. O. Multiplexes In the 1ST district, multiplexes are permitted only outside of the FWO and FFO. P. Neighborhood Amenities Neighborhood amenities that have commercial activities, such as restaurants, banquet halls, food sales, pro shops, or retail sales, shall be allowed in residential districts only as part of an approved development plan. Q. Self-Storage Facilities 1. The building footprint for a self-storage facility shall not be located within 500 feet of an arterial street; however, a self-storage facility may be closer than 500 feet if it is not visible from the arterial street. 2. Outdoor storage associated with this use shall comply with Subsection 13.3.6, Outdoor Storage Areas. R. Short-Term Vacation Rentals In addition to the applicable requirements of the Municipal Code, the following shall apply: 1. A maximum of one short-term vacation rental is permitted on a lot; 2. The owner of the lot is a permanent occupant of the premises, as defined under ‘single-family residential’ in Chapter 23, Definitions and Interpretations; 3. On a lot that has both a dwelling and an accessory dwelling, the owner of the lot may live in one and rent out the other as a short-term vacation rental; and 4. On a lot that has a dwelling with no accessory dwelling, the owner of the lot may rent out the dwelling only under the following: a. Nightly rentals shall not exceed 113 nights in any 12 month period, calculated on a rolling basis; and b. The owner of the lot shall vacate the premises for the duration of the rental. S. Single-Family Residential In the 1ST district, single-family residential is permitted only outside of the FWO and FFO. T. Telecommunication Towers and Antennas 1. Applicability HAM radio antenna are exempt from these requirements. 2. General Requirements a. Towers and antennas may be either principal or accessory uses. b. Towers shall not be artificially