Franklin Zoning Ordinance

89 USE REGULATIONS Principal Uses 05 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 lighted, unless required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or other applicable authority. If lighting is required, then the lighting alternatives and design chosen shall cause the least disturbance to surrounding views. c. Towers and antennas shall comply with current regulations of the FAA, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and any other federal or state government agency with the authority to regulate towers and antennas. If those regulations are changed, then the owners of the towers and antennas shall bring them into compliance within the time mandated by the controlling federal or state agency. Failure to bring towers and antennas into compliance with such revised regulations shall constitute grounds for removal of the tower or antenna at the owner’s expense. d. Owners or operators of towers and antennas shall: i. Certify that all franchises required by law for constructing or operating a wireless communication system in the City have been obtained; and ii. File a copy of all required franchises with the City. e. Signs on towers or antennas shall be prohibited, except for those required by regulatory agencies. f. Buildings, equipment cabinets, or structures associated with towers shall comply with all applicable building codes. 3. Separation Distances Between Towers and Off-Site Lots The minimum separation between a new tower or an existing tower to be modified or rebuilt to a taller height and an off- site lot shall comply with the table below: Off-Site Lot 1 2 Separation Distance Lot for a House, Modular Home, or Mobile Home 200 feet or 300% of tower height, whichever is greater Lot for a Duplex, Multiplex, Townhouse, Multifamily, or Mixed-Use 200 feet or 200% of tower height, whichever is greater Lot in a Nonresidential Zoning District Minimum setbacks per the applicable zoning district Notes: 1. Tower separation shall be measured from the base of the tower to the lot line of the off-site lot. 2. Measurements shall be measured from the outer perimeter of the towers included in an AM array (excluding guy anchors).