Envision Franklin

16 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Vision & Guiding Principles A. The City will foster technology-related businesses, corporate offices, and other businesses with low environmental impacts. Small businesses and incubator spaces are also encouraged to strengthen overall economic health. B. Franklin should advance its diverse employment base through exceptional public-school and higher education opportunities for continued success as a healthy, prosperous city. C. Tourism is a growing part of the economy, and the City’s historic identity should be promoted as an economic asset for businesses, residents, and visitors. D. Workforce housing fosters a diverse employment base necessary for continued economic vitality. A range of housing options and price points are encouraged to support both employees and the local economy. ECONOMIC VITALITY FRANKLIN AIMS TO RETAIN AND SUPPORT THE GROWTH OF EXISTING BUSINESSES, TO ATTRACT NEW BUSINESSES, AND TO STIMULATE A CLIMATE FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL VENTURES AND INVESTMENT.