Franklin Zoning Ordinance

08 160 Chapter Transitional Features Outside of the CFO, CAO1, CAO2, or CAO3 TRANSITIONAL FEATURES Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 otherwise approved by the DRT; and c. The fence or wall shall incorporate a masonry column at any end visible from a street or internal drive. 3. Berms may be used in the buffer. Berms shall comply with the following: a. Berms shall be used only along a rear property line of a residential lot and not located between a lot and a street or internal drive; b. Berms shall be a minimum of four feet in height, unless otherwise approved by the DRT; c. Berms shall be stabilized with a ground cover or other suitable vegetation; d. Shrubs shall be planted on a berm to achieve a combined height of six feet within four years of planting; and e. Berms shall in no case damage the roots or trunks of existing healthy vegetation designated to be preserved. C. Transition Zone 2: Restricted Use Transition Zone 2 shall be a 50-foot wide area that abuts Transition Zone 1 and regulates uses and encroachments. The following uses and encroachments are the only uses and encroachments permitted in Transition Zone 2: 1. Fences, walls, and plant materials; 2. Open space, playgrounds, and trails; 3. Stormwater management facilities; 4. Surface parking areas; 5. Dumpsters; 6. Alleys; and 7. Accessory structures up to 14 feet in height. D. Transition Zone 3: Building Height and Form Transition Zone 3 shall be a 50-foot wide area that abuts Transition Zone 2 and regulates building height and form. All structures and uses allowed in the applicable zoning district are permitted in Transition Zone 3 subject to the following: 1. The maximum building height at the line where Transition Zone 3 and 2 meet is 40 feet; and 2. Height can increase subject to a 45-degree height plane measured from a height of 40 feet at the Transition Zone 3 and 2 line, extending upward one foot for every additional foot stepped back. Figure 8.1.2.D Transition Building Height and Form 40 ft max. 45-degree angle 3 2 1 8.1.3 Building Height at Major Intersections in RC12 At major intersections of any combination of arterials and/or collectors in RC12,